While every effort was made to ensure accuracy, our research uncovered several discrepancies. A few examples are listed here:

  • While Cobb Pilcher (1904-1949) could arguably have any one of the three “parents” we chose to go with the last place of neurosurgical training (Washington U.). This was also listed in ABNS records.
    1927-1928: year with Cushing at Brigham
    1928-1932: general surgery residency at Vanderbilt w/ Barney Brooks
    1932-1933: 3 months with Percival Bailey at UChicago and 1 month with Ernest Sachs at Washington U.
  • William B. Scoville (1906-1984), is listed as completing residency in 1938 from MGH (on MGH alumni website), and in 1939 on U. of Maryland website and in ABNS documents, but U. of Maryland website states that McKinley in 1941 was the “first full resident”
  • Edgar Fincher (1900-1969), completed residency in 1926 from the Brigham, but also trained with Alfred Adson (Mayo clinic), and Ernest Sachs (Washington U.), and completed an internship with Charles Dowman (Emory U.)
  • William Crutchfield trained with Cushing in 1929, but “Dr. Crutchfield then completed his neurosurgical training with Dr. Coleman at the Medical College of Virginia 1935”. Reference

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Institutions (345)

Total Surgeons: 9147


asian: 402

black: 289

east asian: 99

hispanic: 180

native: 2

other: 73

south asian: 72

white: 3147

unknown: 4883


female: 667

male: 8477

unknown: 3

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